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CSI 62-610-QMaroon

The Ultimate Foam pad polishing Kit - Rotary or 6” DA CSI 62-610-QMaroon

one 62-203 - Quart of Ceram-X polish                        $47.41

one 62-611 Euro Maroon cutting foam pad                $16.68

The Ultimate Foam pad polishing Kit 62-610-QMaroon  Rotary or 6” DA

one 62-312 - X-treme Finishing Red foam pad           $14.58

one 62-305 - Xtra-heavy duty 6” backing plate           $27.25

                                                      Retail Value           $105.92 

                                                      Saving over10%    $94.92 


Save money - buy as a complete kit.

You just don’t like wool to cut - This kit is perfect for you.

You aren’t comfortable using a rotary polisher - This kit is perfect for you.

Works with Rotary or 6” DA polisher.

Kit is equipped to cut with Euro Maroon foam pad and finish with 

X-treme Finishing Red foam pad. All with one product Ceram-X polish. 

NO MORE COMPOUND - no need for any other products. 

One product and two pads gives super fast results.

In a production shop, a high end restoration shop, detail shop or DIY. 

CSI is built for you!

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